About Stuart

me1I am Professor of Spatial Humanities in the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London, of which I am also Head of Department. My interests revolve around the use and creation of space and place in the humanities, especially archaeology and history. My book, A History of Place in the Digital Age, was published by Routledge in 2019.

I am fascinated by the ways in which the field of Critical Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has (and has not) impacted on human geography; and my current research focus is on how GIS and its sister technologies can facilitate similar impacts in the humanities.

My academic hinterland is the archaeology of the Aegean and Mediterranean, but like many digital humanists I now work across disciplinary boundaries. Other interests include digital archaeology and applying various visual methods to reconstructing and understanding the past. I have recently completed a project on mapping the heritage of Cyprus, and while this project has focused on the attestation of placenames in text, it has thrown down numerous challenges for more conventional GIS approaches, a subject I discussed in a recent London Digital Classicist Seminar.

I have a very fruitful and ongoing relationship with Stanford University’s Center for Electronic Spatial Textual Analysis, with whom I developed and coordinate the Archaeology of Place in Ancient Cyprus project.

My other key area of interest is academic crowdsourcing, and what sort of critical frameworks can be used to understand and use crowdsourcing for research. I am co-author, with Mark Hedges, of Academic Crowdsourcing in the Humanities: Crowds, Communities, Co-Production (2017)

My full CV is available on this site.

2 thoughts on “About Stuart”

  1. Hi Stuart – you were quick off the mark! I see that the NOC have a piece too. I will mail a few photos to you when I get my act together. Ken.

  2. I have just seen your work on PBS. I had a few ideas that could possibly help. March 13 comet of 1770 will reach its perihelion which is causing these solar storms it will finish its ellipe in being viewed by all in aug landing in december in G.0 crete

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