Happy 2012

My blogging has been somewhat quiet for the last couple of months (well, non existent really). Normal service has now been resumed.  This is partly due to many of my waking hours being taken up with the Digital Exposure of English Place-names project, a JISC mass digitization content effort to digitise the entire corpus of the Survey of English place-Names (earning an hon mensh in the Times Higher). This is a fantastic project with CDDA in Belfast, Nottingham and Edinburgh. It will make SEPN available as a linked data gazetteer via Unlock Text, and as downloadable XML for text mining and visualization.

Also, just before Christmas, I was in the fair city of Umeå, at a NEDIMAH workshop on information visualization. Our homework is to gather evidence about important topics in this area. Still digesting it really, but will try to amass such evidence here.


Author: Stuart Dunn

I do various things, but mainly I am Professor of Spatial Humanities at King's College London's . My interests include things computational, cartographic and archaeological.

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